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A Biblical Eschatology

During the past century there has grown among Christians a sense that the world is entering into the last days before the return of Jesus. Myriad books and movies have been produced which purport to tell in dramatic fashion exactly how the last-days will play out. Many attempts have been made to pinpoint the day of the Lord's return, all of which have failed. Those failures have given impetus to some within Christianity who tell us that the Lord is not coming back; He is already ruling from Heaven; it is up to "the Church" to take dominion over the nations in order to complete the Great Commission.

Most teachers have tried to fit biblical prophecy into the overall scheme of human events, and/or have based their teachings on what others before them have said. Thus, they have failed to provide a truly accurate understanding of important events of the past, present and future.

The author asks us to reconsider what we have learned from today's popular expositors on end-times prophecy. Although there is some truth to be found within the conflicting positions, they have missed many important clues to understanding biblical prophecy. Those clues and their verifiable outcomes are presented in The Day of Yahweh. By following those clues from Scripture and delving into human history, we find that much of what Christians expect to transpire in the future has already occurred. And vice versa: much of what some say has already taken place is yet in the future.

The Day of Yahweh is an honest assessment of what Scripture says about how history will unfold as this temporal world winds down. Some of the conclusions will startle, even distress, those who are passionate about a particular eschatology learned at the feet of their favorite "end-times" teachers. We are challenged to consider prayerfully whether our allegiance is to particular teachers, or if we are willing to reassess our position in light of God's Word and verifiable facts of history.

At the same time, we are encouraged to test all things, including the conclusions offered in this book.
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