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MAAFA 21: Black Genocide in 21st Century America

What is at the heart of the abortion industry’s bloody massacre of millions of innocent babies? Is it merely a lust for filthy lucre? Or is there something even more sinister—something so vile and unspeakable that it must remain hidden by the elite within the government and corporate America who support the abortion industry?

You have never witnessed a documentary that indicts the abortion industry for crimes beyond the obvious murdering of innocent children while lying vulnerable in their mothers’ wombs, like Maafa 21.

Maafa 21 brings to light the people who are motivated by a goal of black genocide. You will find that these people are found in both major political parties, including some revered politicians, and not all of them are white

At the heart of this diabolical plot is the pseudoscience of eugenics–“the self-direction of human evolution” based on Charles Darwin’s evolutionary theories–developed to purify the human race of inferior stock. The Hitlerian conspiracy lives through Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry.
DVD-2037                             $7 - 1 lb.

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THE ENEMIES WITHIN: Could Your Congressman Pass an FBI Security Check?
This DVD will blow you away! If you have ever wondered how and why so many of America’s elected officials have consistently and inexplicably given advantages to our enemies while insulting our friends, and acting in overtly treasonous ways, this video will reveal the answer It is by far the most comprehensive and in-depth exposé of the globalist/communist elements behind the Islamo-fascist conspiracy that has engulfed the political landscape of the United States.
The Enemies Within is based on the book by the same name, researched and written by New Zealander Trevor Loudon. Through interviews with members of socialist, communist, Islamic, and other subversive organizations, as well as with former U.S. security personnel, Loudon presents startling information on “the best kept secret of modern politics.”
Very few Americans are aware that a combination of fewer than 20,000 communists, socialists, and extreme “progressives” in the U.S. hold tremendous influence over high-profile politicians, the media, the entertainment industry, and academia. Financed by multi-billionaire super-capitalists with an agenda to bring all nations under their control, communist/socialist dupes in high places of our government and elsewhere are writing laws that subvert our liberties.
DVD-2036                             $15 - 1 lb.
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The Atheist Delusion
Living Waters / Ray Comfort
How can we prove the true God's existence to an atheist? Do atheists really know for certain that He does not exist? Through on-the-street interviews, The Atheist Delusion (Living Waters Productions) reveals the thinking of a number of self-professed atheists who give their reasons for not believing in the existence of God. Pointed questions are asked of atheists of all ages, but primarily millennials, and they are offered reasoned explanations as to why nature itself is evidence of God's existence. Comfort offers to the interviewees the analogy of a book, asking if a book, perfectly printed with pictures, complete with proper punctuation and syntax, could produce itself out of nothingness. The answer is obvious: of course not. And every atheist he interviews agrees. Yet when it comes to the existence of DNA that Comfort likens to the book of life-a book far more complex than any book printed by man, and that determines the minutest characteristics of every living thing-atheists assume that DNA spontaneously came into existence from nothing. The Atheist Delusion offers believers in Christ Jesus excellent insight into how to approach atheists and lead them to belief, not only in the existence of someone greater than themselves, but to a saving faith in the true God of the Bible.

Item#DVD-2035 US Price: $5.00 1lb
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The most accurate portrayal of Jihad against the West, and particularly against Christians and Jews. Why don't Muslim leaders condemn Islamic terrorist organizations? A Palestinian journalist questions whether the "silent majority" of Muslims is fearful of the radical Islamists or secretly sympathetic to them. Either way, there are great numbers of terrorists or sympathizers in the West who pose a great threat to our security. If even a small percentage of the 1.3 to 1.6 billion Muslims in the world hate Christians and Jews, and the West in general, we are facing a formidable threat.

Item#DVD-2031 60 Min.US Price: $15.00
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Although narrated by Dr. Zuhdi Jasser, a Muslim American, this video was denounced by "moderate" Muslim organizations as biased and inflammatory. Those organizations protested against it being shown at the NYPD terrorist training seminar in 2009, resulting in an apology from the mayor and police commissioner of New York. Addresses the designs of radical Islam against the United States, which threatens to one day see the flag of Islam flying over the White House, or at least have Muslim influence in the White House. This is not a foreign threat; American Muslim leaders have a specific plan in place to "infiltrate and dominate America."

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TERRORISM: The New War on Freedom DVD
Jeremiah Films
Finally, a video that tells the truth about the violent nature of Islam. Hatred of everything non-Islamic is fundamental to the religion, not just to the so-called “radical” elements. This video offers strong documentation of the anti-Christ, anti-Jewish agenda of Islam. (50 minutes)
Item #DVD-2023 US Price: $20.00
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